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Why Isn't My Quartz Watch Ticking?

Quartz watch has no output signal

When all aspects are checked normally, the circuit board can be tested for no output signal with a multimeter. Most of the reasons are due to damage to the quartz oscillator or integrated circuit failure. Replace the quartz oscillator first; if it is still ineffective, the entire circuit board needs to be replaced.

Faults in the wheel system of quartz watches

Mostly, there is dust or foreign objects between the teeth of the wheel system that cause mutual blockage between the teeth of the wheel system.

For some quartz watches wholesale, the oil level is too much or too little. Too much oil leads to adhesion between the wheel pieces and between the wheel pieces and the clamp plates; too little oil causes excessive resistance to the rotation of the wheel system, which can affect the performance of the electronic watch. These faults in the stepper motor and wheel system should be cleaned, foreign objects should be removed, and the oil should be replenished.

Coil open circuit of quartz watches

Oxidation or artificial damage to the coil can be detected by a multimeter test. Generally, it needs to be replaced.

The quartz watch battery is dead or the capacity is insufficient

Some pointer-type quartz electronic watches often find that the battery is dead in a short period of time, which is generally caused by high power consumption or low-quality batteries. The fault should be checked first, and then the battery should be replaced.

Poor contact with quartz watches

Mostly, there is dirt on the positive and negative contact spring pieces, which causes poor contact with the battery. The contact between the signal output points on the circuit board and the lead-out points of the coil can also cause poor contact. This can cause the circuit to fail to conduct, which can make the quartz electronic watch not run or be inaccurate. If poor contact is found to cause circuit interruption, the contact surface should be thoroughly cleaned and then reassembled.

The stepper motor of quartz watches cannot rotate

The rotor of the stepper motor is a permanent magnet, which often gets stuck with iron filings and cannot rotate, which causes the pointer of the quartz watch to stop running or run intermittently.

Watches are precision instruments that require regular maintenance to ensure their perfect operation. The maintenance cycle of the watch generally depends on its natural wear and tear speed. However, depending on the specific situation of the daily use and wearing environment of the quartz watch, it is recommended to have it serviced at a professional watch store every 2-3 years, including internal cleaning and demagnetization.

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