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Shijin watch always focus on customer care and we have the ambition to forge a quality culture of customer focus.

After-sale Service of Shijin

After-sale Service of Shijin

Return service

Seven-day watches return, and a one-year watches warranty

Return and exchange conditions

Within seven days of receiving the goods, we accept return and exchange watches if the watch has not been used, and the protector has not been torn down, but there is a quality problem.

The freight about return and exchange

The seller is responsible for the freight charges if the watch appears quality issue, or if the seller delivers the wrong watch. On account of the elements of subjectivity such as inappropriate size, artificial damage, etc, the buyer will be in charge of the freight fees.

Maintenance Instructions

Within one year of receiving the goods, the watch, such as movement, crown, hands, will be provided free maintenance services in the case of non-artificial damage. Otherwise, if the watch is artificially damaged, the buyer can provide the paid maintenance services.

Special instructions: The following situations are not included in the free warranty period.

A. Man-made damage, such as a bump, glass damage, and watch stop caused by impact or others.

B. Surface scratches and strap wear caused by long-term wearing.

Lead Time of Shijin

The lead time is not accurate in the watch industry, which is affected by many factors including the complexity of manufacturing, different kinds of materials, etc. Typically, our lead time is 30 days.

Lead Time of Shijin

Quality Control of Shijin

Quality Control of Shijin
IQC: Incoming Material Quality control

It's the first line of defense and gate in the shijin watch's quality system, which plays an important role in the whole production process.

IPQC: In Process Quality control

It's an individual group to monitor and point out the abnormal condition in the QC process. 

FQC: Final Quality Control

Completed watches will be in a comprehensive inspection. The defective watches will be reworked or repaired. 

OQC: Acceptable Quality Control

After the watches packaged and prepared well for delivery, the OQC will inspect watches by random sampling or full checking as the standard of AQL.