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How Are Sliding Needles and Jumping Needles Implemented?

No matter it's a quartz watch or a mechanical watch, both can achieve sweep second and jump second. Sweep second means that the second hand of the clock is a sliding needle, while jump second means that the second hand of the clock jumps in one-second interval.

The main difference between sweep second and jump second quartz watches lies in the frequency of the motor

The motor frequency of the jump second watch is only 1Hz, which can realize the second hand jumping every second. The motor frequency of the sweep second watch is a range, approximately between 1 and several hundred Hertz, to achieve the continuous and uninterrupted sliding of the second hand.

In fact, the sweep second hand also has a rest interval, but due to the higher motor rotation frequency, the human eye cannot distinguish the time interval between the second hand's two vibrations, and thinks that it is sliding continuously.

Early quartz watches wholesale were mostly designed as jump second watches because of their simple internal structure and the need to save power, while mechanical watches, which have relatively sufficient power, were mostly sweep second watches.

However, nowadays, sweep second and jump second quartz and mechanical watches are both commonly seen on the market to meet the needs of different consumers.

Sweep second is a common way for mechanical watches:

Because for mechanical watches manufacturers to achieve jump seconds, a small wheel system dedicated to jump seconds needs to be added outside the main wheel system of the movement, and a spring-driven gear needs to be set between the escapement and the second hand wheel.

The spring accumulates energy according to the frequency of the movement and releases it regularly, and the release frequency needs to be matched with the vibration frequency of the watch hands.

This design obviously increases the complexity of its internal structure, so most mechanical watches are sweep second watches.

Currently, many smartwatches have been introduced, but traditional mechanical and quartz watches still have their own charm.

People have an indelible attachment and emotion to the precision machinery, a bond that smartwatches cannot provide to users.

In today's rapidly developing electronic technology, clocks and watches have not disappeared from people's vision. The small dial not only indicates the passage of time, but also reminds us to always pay attention to the passing of time, to grasp every minute and second, to live each day carefully, and not to waste every minute and second of time, so as not to let time and oneself down!

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