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Replacement, Stoppage, Lifespan, and Anti-magnetic Issues of Quartz Watches

Why does a quartz watch need to have its battery replaced promptly?

Some people will discard their quartz watch when the battery runs out and replace it later. However, this can cause serious damage to the watch. If the battery is not replaced in time, it may leak and damage the internal components of the watch.

Some people do not wear their watch on a regular basis, and they will pull out the crown to stop the watch in order to save battery power. While the watch appears to be stationary on the surface, the battery is still discharging.

If the battery is not replaced in time, it can cause excessive battery discharge and lead to battery leakage, which can corrode the mechanism and result in repair costs that are much higher than the cost of replacing the battery.

What are the general reasons why a quartz watch stops running?

First, check if the crown of the customizable quartz watches is pulled out, and then look for a mark on the glass if the second-hand touches it. Next, check if the hands are in contact with each other, and whether they can pass over each other. Finally, have a professional check whether the battery is exhausted or if there are other malfunctions.

What is the lifespan of a quartz watch?

Aside from the quartz oscillator, the theoretical lifespan of all other components in a quartz watch is unlimited. If the watch's inability to run is taken as the standard for the end of its lifespan, then a quartz watch usually has a longer lifespan than a mechanical watch. However, if timing error beyond a certain range is taken as the standard for the end of its lifespan, then the quartz watch and the mechanical watches wholesale fall into different categories, and their lifespans cannot be compared (the accuracy of a quartz watch is tens or even hundreds of times that of a mechanical watch). If there is a malfunction, it is a random malfunction, and it is not related to the lifespan.

Does a quartz watch need to be magnetically shielded?

A quartz watch is generally more resistant to magnetic forces than a mechanical watch, but it is still necessary to take precautions against magnetism. Avoid violent collisions or placing the watch close to electrical appliances or magnetic objects such as televisions, stereos, refrigerators, mobile phones, induction cookers, bags with magnetic clasps, and so on. If the watch becomes magnetized, it's best to go to a professional repair shop for demagnetization.