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Quartz Watches

Quartz Watches

The movement is the heart of a watch. Generally, the movement has three types, and they are quartz movement, mechanical movement, and digital movement. Usually, merchants start their watch business with quartz watches. If you are planning to start your own business, you can choose our quartz watches wholesale. We also have reasonable custom quartz watch prices.  

Benefits of Shijin's Custom Quartz Watches Wholesale

Benefits of Shijin's Custom Quartz Watches Wholesale


In 1969, the first quartz watch was published. After so many years of development, more and more people would show their interest in quartz watches. 


The timing accuracy of a quartz watch is about 100 times higher than a custom mechanical watch, and the error of our custom quartz watches is within 0.5 seconds per day.


Shijin customizable quartz watches do not need winding and maintaining, which is convenient for daily use. And the one thing you need to do is replace the battery of the custom quartz watches every two years.


There is a lot of possibility in the appearance design of custom quartz watches. The structure of a quartz watch is more simple than a mechanical watch, and even the plastic can be used for the movement and gears, so the thin, light is the appearance of a quartz watch. In addition, the time spent on custom quartz watches research and development is less and the cost is low.

Quartz Watches Working Principle

Quartz Watches Working Principle

There are mainly two parts in Shijin quartz watches factory to support a quartz watch working. 

1. The battery supplies the energy for the quartz movement. 

2. The quartz crystal oscillator - the inner core of a quartz watch.

In simple terms, the principle is Piezoelectricity that mechanical energy and electrical energy have the inter-conversion in dielectric materials

Shijin Custom Quartz Watches Wholesale FAQ

What Is A Quartz Watch?

Quartz watches are timepieces that use an electronic oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time.

How Long Do Quartz Watches Last?

It depends.Basically,a quartz watch can be last for at least 5years.But you should change battery before it dies.

Are Quartz Watches Battery Operated?

Yes. The operation of the quartz watch requires a battery to drive. 

That is ,Quartz movements are powered by batteries,

What Does Quartz Mean On A Watch?

Quartz is the power source of quartz movement watches.

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