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Why Is Dive Watch so Popular?

Dive watch, as the name suggests, is a watch used for diving. Since it is used for diving, it must have waterproof and moisture-proof functions, but is a watch with good waterproof performance a dive watch? In fact, a watch with strong waterproof performance is not necessarily a dive watch.

A custom diver watch must meet strict regulations. In addition to having higher waterproof performance, it must have luminous hands and scales that are easy to read in the dark sea to be called a dive watch.

With the development of technology and human needs, more and more professional functional watches like classic dive watches have emerged, such as mountaineering watches, aviation watches, space watches, etc. Many custom watch manufacturers are making dive watches, and they are selling well. It is understandable that sellers would only want to produce items that people are willing to buy. So, why are dive watches so popular?

Dive watches are durable

Are all dive watch buyers professional divers? Not necessarily. Nowadays, many people choose a dive watch not for diving, but because of its higher waterproof performance. Nobody wants a watch that they have worked hard to save money for to be too delicate and unable to withstand normal activities.

Many people want their watches to be worn all day long, no matter what rain or shine. They don't want to worry about getting water into their watch when washing their hands or sweating when exercising. Although the statement "the deeper the waterproofing, the better" may be too one-sided, it certainly reflects the public's psychology.

The waterproof performance of dive watches is far superior to other watches. Think about the 1000FT (300M), and 2000FT (600M) waterproof dive watches, which are really cool, while most waterproof watches for daily wear are only 30 or 50 meters. Having a dive watch is more worry-free in terms of weather, daily life, and maintenance since water ingress is a big enemy to watch maintenance.

Dive watches are stylish

Dive watches are not only durable, but they are also stylish. Nowadays, people are not like they used to be when they had to wear a suit, tie, and leather shoes to work. Wearing a suit with jeans and sneakers has become fashionable.

People's mentality is becoming younger and they prefer a combination of calmness and dynamism and seriousness and liveliness. Dive watches fill this niche. In fact, most dive watches have a similar appearance, such as a rotating bezel.

Many people might not know what the markings and numbers on the dive watch's bezel are for, but they still feel that they are stylish and sporty, giving the watch a sense of movement. Dive watches have a unique style and do not change much, so they can be worn by people in their 20s or 30s as well as those in their 40s or 50s. Dive watches are also very versatile and can be worn with formal, sporty, or casual wear.

Dive watches evoke emotions

In addition to divers or diving enthusiasts, ordinary people also like to wear dive watches. Why is that? Nowadays, urban life is busy and heavy, and while we do not have time or energy to go on adventures or scuba diving, our hearts long for exploration and the ocean.

Even if we cannot become strong and free divers, we can wear a dive watch and feel like we are divers. Wearing a dive watch represents a yearning for diving and is a spiritual outlet, just like non-basketball players wearing basketball shoes, non-off-road drivers driving off-road vehicles, or non-football players wearing soccer jerseys.