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How to Choose a Men's Watch?

How to choose the most suitable watch for you from the vast ocean of watches? Many men are confused about this question. Before you hesitate, take a look at the basic rules for choosing men's watches below, which may help you make a decision quickly.

Choose a watch based on skin tone:

Everyone has different skin tones or basic color tones. When buying a watch, you should first consider whether the color of the OEM men's watch matches your skin tone.

  • Most Asians are suitable for colors that are clear and have a high concentration, such as brown, navy blue, and golden yellow, which make men look radiant and charming.

  • People with fair skin can easily determine their basic color, so many color tones can be used as the basic color when choosing a men's watch. You can choose any color you like.

  • People with dark skin should avoid pink and light green. Brown should not be used as the basic color either. It will only make you look darker. Try pairing it with a simple and refreshing silver.

Choose a watch based on body size:

Body size often determines a person's temperament, so considering body size is also considering temperament.

  • Men who are tall and strong should choose watches with large dials, which have a slightly rough style, and even alternative styles such as military watches.

  • Men who are smaller in size should choose watches with thinner and smaller dials. Large dials can increase a person's strong momentum, while small dials can make a person appear humble and restrained.

In fact, there are no special rules or customs for matching men's watches. These cultures mainly come from Western countries, so as long as the overall look is decent and appropriate, it will work. We hope these two small rules can bring some inspiration to men when buying watches.

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