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How To Maintain The Belt Watch?

Because the strap of steel belt watches is relatively soft, it is more comfortable to wear than steel band watches. Another point is that the strap of the steel belt watches is very convenient and easy to disassemble. Colleagues also avoid the allergic reaction of some people wearing stainless steel strap watches. Some watch friends prefer belt watches. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, we should regularly maintain the watch belt, which can prolong the service life of the belt watch belt.

So how to maintain the belt watch?

1. Don't wear a leather strap watch immediately after exercise in summer, and wear it after a period of time. 

You can wear it only after wiping the sweat with a pain dry cloth; Because sweat easily penetrates the cortex, and corrodes the leather strap, and sweat stains will also erode the cortex, causing the strap to deform, harden, and even fracture. In addition, during daily wearing, we should try our best to avoid contacting the leather strap with moisture, oils, solvents, cleaning products, or cosmetics, so as to prevent the leather material from discoloration or premature aging.

2. Don't expose the watch belt to the humid environment.

so as to avoid distortion, discoloration, and corrosion of the watch belt. Prevent water seepage from the cortex. This is the same whether it is a leather strap or a steel strap.

3. Can't be exposed to the sun.

Long-term strong sunlight will discolor the surface color of the leather strap, accelerate the aging of the leather strap, and easily cause the leather strap to crack. In case of the strap cracks, I don't know when my watch is gone.

4. Quickly brush the dirty place

When the leather strap tastes sour, dip a little soapy water with a toothbrush, quickly brush the dirty place, and then wipe it with a slightly wet cloth. In order to prevent soapy water from penetrating into the cortex, the whole process should be completed within 20 seconds.

5. Do a good job of maintenance in daily life

In addition to protecting the leather strap of the custom leather watch in some special cases, it is also necessary to do a good job of maintenance in daily life. It is recommended to buy some leather maintenance cream and wipe the surface of the leather almost once every 2-3 months to ensure a better appearance of the leather and effectively prolong its life.

6. apply a small amount of professional leather oil

Regularly apply a small amount of professional leather oil on the leather strap, which can increase the protective layer and brighten the strap at the same time.

7. Two leather watchbands that can be replaced

As one of the most professional leather watch manufacturers, we suggest it is better to have more than two leather watchbands that can be replaced. Because the leather also needs to breathe, a ventilated environment can prolong the service life of the watch leather strap.