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How to Solve the Problem of a Watch Running Fast?

Watches running too fast is a common phenomenon that many people face. Even newly purchased watches may have some errors. After a period of time, the watch becomes larger and faster. Let's take a look at how to solve the problem of fast-running watches.

The swing range of the watch exceeds the standard category

Mechanical watch movements have a balance wheel, and the oscillating system composed of the balance wheel, and the hairspring rotates at high speed. The stability of its oscillation period determines the timing accuracy of the watch. The swing of the balance wheel is left and right, and its swing amplitude is the swing amplitude, which is also called the vibration amplitude in the watch industry. According to the definition of physics, amplitude is the maximum displacement of the oscillating object away from the equilibrium position.

The speed of a clock mainly depends on the oscillation frequency. Generally, the greater the swing amplitude, the smaller the oscillation frequency, and the smaller the swing amplitude, the greater the oscillation frequency. Generally, watches rely on the expansion and contraction of the hairspring to control the swing amplitude, which is the basic principle of adjusting the speed.

The swing amplitude of the custom mechanical watch is always changing. Its stability and size mainly depend on the degree of winding of the mainspring. The more the mainspring is wound, the higher the swing amplitude. In addition, it is also related to the friction between the pivot of the balance wheel and the hairspring. When the position changes, the gravity direction of the balance wheel hairspring and the friction condition of the balance wheel pivot also change.

If the swing amplitude is too high, it will cause the watch to have a "beating swing", which is a phenomenon of the circular nail of the balance wheel disc hitting the outside of the escapement fork. This will make the watch run extremely fast. Generally, the swing amplitude of watches is considered to be between 240 and 320 degrees in the state of full winding.

The speed clamp of the watch decelerator or the post above the top

If the balance wheel is not aligned, the balance wheel hairspring will also vibrate and indicate through expansion and contraction.

Due to incomplete or defective styles of the balance spring, they may become stuck in fast or slow clips or files, especially during large swing amplitudes.

In this case, the vibration cycle is greatly shortened. This situation is more likely to occur when watches are in a specified appearance, and when watches are subjected to severe shocks and impacts, the balance of the mainspring will change and deform, making this situation more common. There is also another rare case where a very thin fiber is suspended on the hairspring when you can hang or swim.

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