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How To Choose Male Watch?

For men, if there are too many decorations on their bodies, they are often considered to be overly pompous. Although it is impolite to casually comment on the appearance of others, it will indeed affect our daily life, so we can't help but ignore it. Therefore, many men have to pay attention to the collocation of convergence, which also leads to relatively few decorations suitable for men.

Shijin watch is one of the few choices for men. For men today, watches are not only a way of looking at time but also an attitude to life and a symbol of identity. Through the watches we wear, we can see a man's economic ability, aesthetic taste, life attitude and so on to a certain extent, so we can also explain the importance of watches to men, So how should men choose a watch that suits them?

1. Appearance design of watches

In terms of the appearance of custom watch making, whether they are too large or too small, the size of 38-42 mm can be suitable for most men. In terms of the choice of watches, it is best to focus on simplicity. Fancy designs are often considered too flashy and immature. If you are in the stage of hard work, but you have a watch full of diamonds in your hand,  which will give people a feeling of lack of confidence. Second, people who are too sharp in the workplace are often suppressed.

2. Materials used in watches

The watch material used in OEM men's watch often corresponds to the price. The most common materials are refined steel, gold, ceramics, titanium, copper, and other materials. Different materials have different prices compared with watches, among which our custom quartz watches price is very competitive. In fact, surface materials do not have too many rigid requirements for men, because each material can show its unique charm, so you can choose materials according to your own budget.

3. Outstanding temperament of watch

The temperament corresponding to a watch is actually determined by many factors, but the most important thing is the wearer himself. If you are a sporty man, then a rough sports watch will suit you. If you are a man who pays attention to work, then a simple, light, and luxurious workplace watch will suit you. If you care more about your usual clothing collocation and like a relaxed and leisurely life, Then a fashionable and Casual watch will be more suitable for you.