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What Is A Custom Watch

After hundreds of years of evolution and development, the tabulation industry has formed a specific circle of professional players in addition to ordinary consumers. In the eyes of watch lovers and collectors, in addition to buying brand watches, more and more enthusiasts are looking for personalized customization, so the customized watch market came into being.

What is a custom watch?

The custom watch is also called "private customized" personalized watch. Generally, watch lovers gather in the same community or professional forum to discuss a specific demand, and then representatives take the lead to communicate, and ask the custom watch factory to quantitatively design customized watches, and customized watches have their own brands.

Advantages of customized watches

1. You can choose your favorite style, material, and movement to match. The watch designers and manufacturers will give you professional cost-effective suggestions according to the accessories you choose.

2. The reproduction can be redesigned according to the corporate culture and activity needs of different companies, which fully meets the different detailed needs of different customers.

3. Quality assurance. For all customers, quality is absolutely the most important factor in testing each batch of watches. So it is very important to find the source watch manufacturer and directly control the quality of the watch, which can not only ensure the quality of the watch but also communicate and solve professional structural problems in time.

4. It can protect the patent of watch design, rather than blindly imitating the style of other brands, so that the whole batch of watches can have their own brand and company characteristics.

Types of customized watches

The first kind of customized watch is that brand manufacturers will launch some private customized watches, such as some luxury watch suppliers in Switzerland and domestic seagull brands. Most of the crafts and accessories, including the movement, maybe handmade, and the price is certainly not acceptable to ordinary people; The second kind of customized watches is factory customized watches, which can also be called mass customized watches. In fact, it is an OEM order. After the brand manufacturer develops and designs the watch style, it is handed over to the watch manufacturer. It is also a kind of customized processing. It requires a certain basic quantity. Generally, it takes about 500 to open mold production.

The third kind of customized watches is between the two, and unlike brand manufacturers, they are directly developed and then sold. Some customized watch merchants will solicit opinions on style development from their customers and watch friends in the early stage of development, so that customers can participate in the development of watches, and then they have begun to make reservations before watches are produced because watch customers also have a certain degree of participation, which is a bit similar to the concept of customization, So it is also called customized watches. At present, the popular customized watches in the market mainly refer to this kind.