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Storage Of Mechanical Watches

What is a mechanical watch?

Mechanical watches can generally be divided into the following two types: hand chain watches and automatic watches. The power source of the mechanical watch is the spring in the movement, which drives the gear and then pushes the watch needle.

Manual mechanical watch, hand chain movement, by turning the crown of the watch, the main spring in the watch movement is full of strings, which are fully released through the spring, pushing the gear to run and pushing the pointer to move. For automatic mechanical watches, the power of the automatic chain-up movement is driven by the weight of the pendulum in the movement. When the arm wearing the watch swings, it will drive the pendulum to rotate, and at the same time, it will drive the main spring in the watch to chain up the watch and push the time to go.

Storage of mechanical watches

Generally, people who like to wear watches will have several watches to wear instead, and then some watches will be placed for a period of time. Mechanical watches wholesale are relatively special, and various parts are also relatively complex. When storing, you should pay special attention. How to store automatic watches without wearing them for a long time? The parts of mechanical watches are very precise. Such things are better to run than to stop. Therefore, when storing, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Frequent winding

Mechanical things are afraid to be put away if they are not afraid to use them. Once they are put away for a long time, the watch is always in a stopped state, and the oil in the watch will dry up. So when storing, you should remember to wind the watch manually in a few days.

2. Keep away from electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are more or less equipped with magnetic fields. Mechanical watches are very afraid of magnetism, so when storing, keep away from electrical appliances such as stereos and computers to avoid being magnetized.

3. Watch box

After buying a watch, it's best to keep the watch box. When you don't wear it for storage, you can clean it and put it in the original box. After all, the original box is specially customized for this watch, so it's best to store it.

4. Dry environment

The watches are not waterproof. In addition to the professional waterproof coefficient of diving watches, watches we wear are usually afraid of water. When storing, we should also avoid wet places to prevent moisture from sneaking into the dial.