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The Exhibition in Hongkong

Why watch manufacturers and purchasers are inclined to attend watch exhibitions every year. In this article, the author would like to explain the reasons.

Usually, the shijin sales team participates in Hongkong timepieces exhibitions. It is a brilliant opportunity to get in touch with new and old customers and keep in contact with our fellows, which is an indispensable part of the marketing campaign. We have participated in numerous exhibitions since our company has been established over ten years.

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There are some significations for watch exhibition attendance:

1. Product display. A good platform to display watches is important, especially for the newest and innovative watches. We can display our watches and service during the exhibition so that customers can better understand our professional watch manufacturing and watches face to face. Direct communication with the target customers in a short period can attract target customers.

2. Find customers or suppliers. Participating in the exhibition can focus on finding upstream and downstream customers and suppliers. In this case, corporations can complete the customer development and watch horology expansion.

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3. Broadcast the corporate image. In the exhibition, potential customers and suppliers can understand the company's competitiveness. On the other hand, it is a good choice for the customer to get knowledge of the timepieces business.

4. Interchanges about timepieces know-how. A professional exhibition can provide a meeting for watch manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to communicate. Watch manufacturers and wholesalers can build and maintain long-term relationships in the exhibition.