Shenzhen Shijin Watch Co., Ltd.

New Watch Innovation

Our company attaches great importance to the watch innovation.

Shijin watch will hold a new product release conference every month, and we will select innovative watch designs by designers for promotion.

We not only pay attention to the innovation of watches but also pay special attention to the innovation of manufacturing technology. In this case, we can help our customers to save more money.

There are six steps to complete the production innovation. Shijin watch company follows these ways to constantly improve their level of product innovation and make new watch models.

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Process description 

1.The sales department submits a new product research and development application report according to customer needs. 

2. The R&D department establishes the project according to the new product research and development application report. In addition, the engineer manager will initiate a technical review of the new product project. After that, the general manager will authorize and issues it. 

3. The technical department formulates the research and development plan according to the authorization of the general manager. Besides, the engineer manager needs to make a review. 

4. The R&D department will complete the drawings according to the R&D plan, which will be reviewed by the engineer manager. 

5. The R&D department will place a sample trial production order, and the warehouse department will arrange the materials. 

6. After the watch sample is completed, the quality department will conduct the sample test experiment. At last, they will make a sample review, and fill in the sample test report form which will be checked by the quality department minister.