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The Basic Component of a Watch

First of all, from the part of the composition, a watch can be divided into seven accessories: the movement, the case, the dial, the hands, the crown, the strap, and the buckle. The assembly of seven parts, and the quality of material, appearance, and structure, determine the final grade and value of the finished watch.

The Basic Component of a Watch

1. Movement

The movement is the "heart" of a watch. How can I judge the quality and degree of a watch movement? There are the factors: origin, material, craftsmanship, function, accuracy, etc. There are three types of movement: mechanical movement, good quartz watches' movement, and electronic movement.

These are the original places of a movement: the Japanese movement, Swiss movement, and Chinese movement. (The back of the movement is generally marked with relevant characters as a logo. For example, "SWISS MADE" is an original Swiss movement, but "SWISS PART" is assembled by East and Southeast. There is a big difference in price between the two kinds of watch movement in the same model.)

2. Case

There mainly are five usages of the watch case. Firstly, it can put the movement, the dial, and the hands together. Secondly, a watch case can protect the internal structure. Thirdly, it is a necessary part to make the watch waterproof. Fourthly, manipulate the movement. At last, the decoration and the role of artistic expression.

There are different structures in the case: the ordinary case, one case with one circle, and the combined case. The watch case also has diverse shapes: round, square, barrel shape, goose egg shape, and special-shaped.

Different materials used in the watch cases: plastic case, alloy case, copper case, steel case, titanium case, tungsten steel case, and ceramic case.

3. Dial

The watch dial is Usually with numbers, sub-lines, etc. The usage of the dial is to display the time and the decoration.

The face of a watch is like the face of a person. If a watch is attractive to consumers, the dial’s design and manufacturing have a dominant position. Because the surface has the biggest chance of contact with eyesight, the attractiveness of the dial can evoke shopping desires.

The surface material is made of copper. A completed watch case needs a series of grinding procedures and punching, such as drilling, corroding, oil injection.

4. Hands

The hands are the indicators of the time display.

The material of the shijin watch needle is generally made of copper. In order to reduce weight, aluminum needles can also be used in watches.

Types of hands: the ordinary three-needles, the six-hands, and an alarm needle (alarm) with an alarm function. The needle will be different as the function of movement changes.

5. Crown

The usage of the crown: First, the movement stops, time adjustment, etc. Second, it is part of watch decoration. Crowns can be classified according to their structure: ordinary crowns, T-tube crowns, double o-ring waterproof crowns, screw crowns, and so on.

6. Strap

The purpose: for wearing on the wrist, which also makes the word watch different from a pocket watch, and ring watch.

There are several strap types in materials: leather straps, metal straps including tungsten-titanium alloy straps, solid steel straps, solid copper straps, etc.), plastic straps, ceramic straps, nylon braided straps, and so on.

7. Buckle

The purpose: It is used to adjust the length of the strap, and link with the two sides of the strap to complete the wearing.

The shape of the buckle is mainly for the needs of the appearance.

The buckle can be made of various materials: aluminum buckle, copper buckle, 304 steel buckle, and 316L steel buckle.

According to the style, there are some types: square buckle (with tongue), duckbill buckle (with tongue), single butterfly buckle, double butterfly buckle, turtleback buckle, insurance turtle buckles, and jewelry buckle.

Above all is a simple and basic introduction to a watch. Hoping it can be helpful.