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Mechanical Watch Vs Quartz Watch in Features

In horology, according to the different oscillators applied, watches can be classified into two types: Mechanical watch adjusted by a mechanical oscillator; Quartz watch adjusted by an electronic oscillator—a quartz oscillator.

Characteristics of mechanical watches and quartz watches

Mechanical Watch Vs Quartz Watch in Features

Features of mechanical watches:

1. Different from the quartz watch, the second hand of mechanical watch is moving continuously and uninterruptedly.

2. Due to the complexity of the mechanical watch movement, the error in time is more than quartz watch, and the general allowable range is about 45 seconds. However, the error in the observatory movement is smaller than the other mechanical movements, and its error is within 4 to 6 seconds per day. The time error of a mechanical watch cannot be accumulated, which needs to be corrected after a period of time.

3. Mechanical watches China are e famous for their fine craftsmanship, and they can run for more than 36 hours with one clock wind.

4. The mechanical movement has a long working life.

5. Usually, the mechanical watch appearance is heavier than the quartz watch (depending on the brands), and mechanical watches in several brands are also very thin, but they are generally manual mechanical watches.

Features of Quartz Watches:

1. The second hand is moving one by one jump, and the time is extremely accurate. Generally, the time error need to be within 15 seconds per month.

2. The integrated circuit is used in the movement, and the structure is much simpler than the mechanical movement, so the assembly is very simple as well.

3. It's easier for daily use because there is no need to wind as a mechanical watch. Usually, a battery can be used for 2-3 years. Otherwise, some custom quartz watches applied with lithium batteries, have a long service life and can be used for about 7-8 years.

4. The price of quartz watches is relatively cheaper than mechanical watches (the same model in the same brand), but some high-end quartz watches are more expensive because of the brand premium. Besides, good materials (18K gold, diamonds, or precious metals), and excellent appearance design, result in some quartz watches are more valued than mechanical watches.