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Do Quartz Watches Need Maintenance? What Should I Pay Attention To?

When it comes to watches, many people think of quartz watches. The advantages of quartz watches are that we cannot ignore them. They are more accurate than mechanical watches, and the design of the watch is more imaginative, thinner, smaller, and more powerful, so quartz watches occupy most of the watch market.

Many friends who wear quartz watches always think that compared with mechanical watches, there are not too many taboos when wearing quartz watches, so they ignore the maintenance of their favorite watches, but once they encounter problems such as stop and go, they are easy to do nothing. So do quartz watches need maintenance? What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of quartz watches? Next, we, as one of the professional custom watch manufacturers in China, will answer them one by one for you.

1. The error of the quartz watches

The core of the customizable quartz watches contains an integrated circuit. Under the action of the electric energy supplied by the battery, the quartz oscillator vibrates to drive the time. The power supply is a small button battery with a life span of several years. Therefore, the quartz watch is extremely accurate and the annual error is very low: less than In one minute, which is less than one second per day.

2. The life of the quartz watches

Quartz watches are driven by battery energy, and the battery life varies from 1-2 years depending on the movement used in the watch. But there are also some quartz watches that use lithium batteries, and the service life can be as long as 5-6 years.

3. Quartz watch oil washing and maintenance

After a long time of use, custom quartz watches need to be cleaned and maintained. Generally speaking, quartz watches do need to be oiled and maintained for 3-5 years. After all, in addition to electronic parts such as circuit boards, coils, and motors, quartz watches also have some mechanical parts. After these parts have been in operation for a long time, the lubricating oil will volatilize and cause wear between the parts.

4. Antimagnetic quartz watches

Quartz watches are generally better antimagnetic than custom mechanical watch, but it is still necessary to pay attention to antimagnetic. Avoid violent collisions or place the watch next to electrical appliances that generate a magnetic field or magnetic objects. If the watch is magnetized, it is best to go to a professional maintenance point for demagnetization.

5. Regular maintenance of quartz watches

Quartz watches need to do a waterproof test and appearance cleaning within a certain period of time, and complete machine maintenance every 5-7 years. The waterproof test is done every two years, and can be done when the battery is replaced; the exterior cleaning needs to be cleaned according to the environment and state of the watch, and the hidden place of the watch should be free from sweat and dust.

6. Oscillation of quartz watches

Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watch movements become extremely fragile when subjected to momentary violent shocks. Few people wear high-end formal quartz watches to participate in golf swings. You must know that the instant force on the wrist is very amazing at the moment of kick-off. Although this is a very common thing for human bones, it is undoubtedly an amazing disaster for quartz watches.