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Knowledge About Watch Movements

In today's era, many objects have diversified development, and traditional watches are no exception. It is no longer a simple timing instrument, or an accessory to enhance our image, and watches are sought after by more and more people. What do you know about watch movements?

1. Types of watch movements

Generally speaking, the normal operation of an object depends on its internal core components. For our watch, its internal movement is its core component. Here we mainly talk about mechanical movements, including manual and automatic.

The manual winding movement is the earliest movement. The spring must pass "human intervention". The wearer has to manually rotate the clockwork on the crown to walk normally, usually, the last clockwork is 24 hours.

The self-winding movement is wound by the movement of the watch, and through the operation of an oscillating weight, the hairspring of the watch is slowly tensioned, and the effect of "self-running" is achieved. The self-winding movement is the choice of most mechanical watches wholesale today. As long as you wear it every day, you don't need to wind it up, and the hairspring that is evenly tensioned with the movement is more conducive to the accuracy of travel time.

2. Replacement of watch movement

An object we use usually encounters various conditions for a period of time, and it is naturally the same when we use a watch.

The essence of a watch is its movement, so the maintenance of the movement is very important. If all kinds of watches are used for a long time and the movement of the watch is broken, it will be particularly troublesome. Can the movement of the watch be replaced?

The watch movement can be replaced. The movement is the soul of the entire watch, and the structure of the movement is sophisticated and complex, and generally speaking, it is not so easy to break. If it is determined that the movement is broken, it is recommended that you take it to a regular maintenance center for maintenance, because the regular maintenance center can provide high-quality movement, which is more secure for consumers.

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