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What to Do If the Mechanical Watch Runs Fast?

Daily wearing mechanical watches, the most common problem should be that the watch is running fast. First, you need to know why is it running fast? This requires reviewing the entire operating process of the movement.

The principle of mechanical watches:

Control the power released by the mainspring through the escapement system. But to effectively control it, you first need to give power. There must be enough power to allow the balance spring to wind and unwind, and enough power to allow the balance wheel to swing greatly.

If there is not enough power, then you can only gently wind the balance spring. The balance spring can only contract and expand slightly, and then the balance wheel can only swing left and right weakly. The smaller the swing amplitude, the faster the rhythm of the balance wheel swing, the faster the activity of the escapement fork, the faster dialing of the escape wheel, and the faster the seconds wheel rotates overall.

Finally, the mechanical watch runs fast. According to mechanical watches manufacturers, the most common reason for making mechanical watches run fast is not enough power.

There are several reasons why mechanical watches are usually not powerful enough:

The watch is not fully wound

If the watch is not wound enough, it naturally does not have enough power. This is the most common problem with automatic mechanical watches. If you haven't worn it for a long time and put it on your wrist, you might think that shaking your wrist a few times is enough to wind the watch, but it's not enough. Remember, even if it is an automatic winding mechanism, if you haven't worn it for a long time, you should manually wind it first.

The watch is magnetized

The balance spring is made of metal. Anything made of metal has the possibility of being magnetized. The magnetized metal, in simple terms, is like a magnet. The balance spring magnetized in circles will attract each other like a magnet, which reduces the amplitude of the balance spring and then reduces the swing amplitude of the balance wheel, which then makes the escapement fork faster, the escape wheel dials faster, and finally the seconds wheel rotates faster overall.

Nowadays, many sports watches have added soft iron inner cases to reduce the impact of magnetization on the balance spring. However, in general, thin and elegant classical styles do not have additional anti-magnetic equipment.

But if it is magnetized, it is very easy to deal with. You only need to return the watch to the place where you purchased it. Their repair center has a demagnetizer from watch making factory, which can easily solve the problem. To prevent magnetization, try not to put mechanical watches near electronic appliances, such as televisions, speakers, computers, mobile phones, etc.

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