Shenzhen Shijin Watch Co., Ltd.

Company Daily Activities

In each link of the business process, that is to say, in the process of purchasing, production, and sales, inventory makes possible relatively independent economic activities in each link. At the same time, inventory can adjust various links due to the difference between supply and demand varieties and data, connect all links of procurement, production and operation and play a role as a lubricant.

Therefore, our company attaches great importance to the daily activities of the enterprise, and we strive to do the work of each department perfectly.


1.Conference and event organization;

2. Item management;

3. Environmental hygiene;

4. Security;


1.Organize the establishment and improvement of the production command system, formulate production plans, check production work, and ensure the completion of production tasks.

2. According to the production operation plan, grasp the production schedule, do a good job in the coordination of the workshops, organize the distribution of labor, and balance the scheduling of equipment and materials.

3. Hold a regular production meeting once a week to analyze the production situation and propose solutions and measures to solve the problem.

4. According to production needs, prepare material procurement and supply plans, and implement them carefully, and contact them in time to resolve production gaps.

5. After the project list is issued, it is responsible for organizing production personnel, verifying the availability of relevant materials, and arranging before, after, and urgent production according to the production schedule requirements.

6. Do a good job in equipment management, regularly organize maintenance, and improve equipment integrity and utilization.

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