Shenzhen Shijin Watch Co., Ltd.

Staff Activities

Our company will hold regular activities to enrich each employee's spare time life.

Team building can include team culture building, team spirit building or team welfare building, etc.


Through team building activities, it enriches employees' spare time, relaxes work pressure, and has the effect of combining work and rest. At the same time, it also serves as a kind of employee welfare and increases the emotion between employees and the company. Combine some outdoor expansion or some more interesting interactive forms to motivate employees, so as long as the appropriate adjustment ratio is combined, the role of the two types of team building can be maximized.

The purpose of organizing employee activities are:

1.To enhance feelings and team cohesion, the biggest role and significance is to enhance the feelings and communication between employees. This is undoubtedly the most obvious and practical role.

2. Reflect the company's care to realize the combination of work and rest. Whether the company is worthy of long-term development. First look at salary and bonuses. Second, look at team building benefits. How much a company cares about employees and pays more attention to the development of employees. An important welfare project of the company, the quality of team building can directly make employees feel the strength of the company and the care for themselves.

3. Demonstrate the personal charm of employees and explore their potential. In many cases, team building activities are a good way for employees to show their own unique charm, their special strengths and talents outside of work, so that employees can show themselves more. Employees are more confident, and interpersonal communication is smoother, making the atmosphere of the whole group more harmonious and loving.

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