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Why Do Quartz Watches Need Prompt Battery Replacement When They Stop Running?

Among every four watches, three are electronic quartz watches provided by quartz watches factory, which are cheap, easy to maintain and repair. When they run out of battery, just replace it. But when should you replace the battery? Can you leave the watch stopped and ignored? This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of what to pay attention to when a quartz watch becomes disabled.

How does a quartz watch work?

The core of a quartz watch is an integrated circuit. Under the action of the battery's energy supply, the quartz oscillator vibrates and divides time. The power source is a miniature battery with a life of several years. The quartz oscillator converts the battery's energy into vibration to divide time.

Due to its high-frequency vibration (32 kHz), the quartz watch is extremely accurate, with an annual error rate of less than one minute, or less than one second per day.

How long is the life of a quartz watch battery?

Generally, the battery life is between two and five years. The life of the battery depends on the type and size of the watch and the amount of electricity required for various functions. For example, a chronograph consumes more power than a watch that only displays hours, minutes, and seconds.

Some watches are equipped with a power display: for example, if the interval between the second hand jumps is a few seconds, the battery needs to be replaced.

Some special lithium batteries have a theoretical life span of up to 10 years.

Why does a calendar quartz watch need to replace the battery in a timely manner?

Some watch enthusiasts have several watches, and when they are not wearing them, they pull out the crown to stop the watch to save power. Although the watch appears to be stopped, the battery continues to discharge. If the battery is not replaced in time, it will cause the battery to be over-discharged and leak, causing the movement to corrode. The cost of maintenance is far greater than the cost of replacing the battery!

To avoid the above situation, everyone needs to pay more attention to the stopping condition of the quartz watch.

How to judge the condition of the quartz watch battery?

  • The next battery replacement date is indicated on the label on the back cover of the watch when purchased.

  • High-end three-hand quartz watches have the function of indicating when the battery is about to run out. When the battery capacity is about to be exhausted and the voltage begins to decrease, the second hand will stop for 4 seconds and then quickly jump for 4 seconds in walking mode.

  • Digital watches will appear dim.

  • The display of the time and minute numbers of the alarm with sound features will disappear.

  • When the battery power drops and the capacity is insufficient, the internal resistance of the battery will also increase, and the voltage will drop. Especially when there is relatively large current output or the external temperature is relatively low, the watch will stop or occasionally appear slow or stop-and-go phenomena.

In addition, when replacing the battery of a quartz watch, it should be replaced with the original type according to the rules, and do not try to save some money by finding a small store to install a random battery.