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What Do You Know About Watch Movements?

Talking about men's accessories, there are few but exquisite and watches usually take the first place. People live from the heart and watch and move from the core. The importance of the movement to the watch can be compared to the soul to the body. How can you say that you truly understand watches if you don't understand the movement? The first step in studying watches is to start with the movement.

The watch movements on the market are usually divided into two types: mechanical and quartz watches.

Mechanical watch movements (generally divided into automatic and manual):

Operating mechanism principle:

The manual mechanical movement is assembled by hand, and when the mainspring is driven, the mainspring and the mainspring interact with each other, producing a slow and uniform winding, and the watch starts to move; The automatic mechanical movement adds an additional mechanical automatic winding mechanism on the basis of the mechanical watch, which does not require manual winding. The watch needs to be worn for a certain time every day. When walking and swinging your arm, the automatic winding mechanism of the watch starts to wind the mainspring and produce movement.


The details and craftsmanship of mechanical watches wholesale determine the smoothness and accuracy of the internal craftsmanship of the watch. Because the production process is traditional and complex, mechanical watches have always been the watch of celebrities in high society, and owning a mechanical watch represents one's appreciation of history and fine craftsmanship.


① No need for batteries, driven by the mainspring;

② High-quality cultural heritage;

③ Gorgeous craftsmanship;

④ Long service life;

⑤ Smooth movement.

Quartz watch movements (electronic):

Operating mechanism principle:

The quartz watch movement is powered by a small battery, which sends electricity through a small quartz crystal to the wheel, causing the crystal to vibrate 32,768 times per second. Its vibration is converted into pulses, which move the second hand. Customizable quartz watches have a unique "tick-tock" sound.


① Accurate time;

② Low maintenance cost;

③ Durable and affordable.


① No smooth movement like mechanical watches;

② Lack of craftsmanship and historical charm.

Based on the above knowledge, if you are a man who demands extremely strict watchmaking craftsmanship, values the cultural heritage of watches, and has a small hobby of collecting or even investing in watches, then you can choose a watch with mechanical movement to decorate yourself. For men who focus more on the practicality of watches, durable and cost-effective quartz watches are very suitable for you.

Charming men do not stop at the "surface" of watches but pay more attention to the "core" world. Do you understand the knowledge of watch movements? Show your style, starting with watches!