Shenzhen Shijin Watch Co., Ltd.

Assemble for the Watch Dial

The assembly of a watch dial is a crucial process in the production of a custom watch, carried out with precision and attention to detail by Shijin's skilled team at a custom watch factory. The process begins by selecting the finest materials for the dial, including metal, ceramic, or carbon fiber. The raw materials undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet the high standards of our custom watch factory.

Once the materials are approved, skilled craftsmen use advanced machinery to cut and shape the dial into the desired design, which will vary depending on the client's specifications. After the initial shaping process is complete, the dial is then polished to achieve a flawless finish.

The dial is tested for accuracy and quality to ensure that it meets the strict standards of our watch factory before being placed into the case for assembly. The end result is a custom watch that meets the unique specifications of each client, crafted with precision and expertise to deliver a timeless and stylish product.